Medical accountants

We specialise in medical accounting, offering services to doctors, dentists, opticians, vets and other professionals providing expert healthcare.

Our experience as accountants for medical professionals means we understand the varied contexts in which they work, from established practices to locum roles, and the tax implications of those arrangements.

In particular, we’re experts in navigating the complexity of VAT rules to ensure our clients are claiming everything to which they are entitled while remaining compliant.

It’s important to get this right. Trust matters more in the medical professions than in almost any other field and sound finances are a key indicator of reliability to patients, investors and other stakeholders.

Accountants for doctors

As specialist accountants for GPs and locums, Wellway offers strategic planning and tax advice for doctors, along with practical services such as tax returns.

From advice on IR35 and how your employment status might affect your tax bill to guidance on the tapering of the annual pensions allowance, all of our services are built on years of first-hand experience working with medical practitioners.

If you run your own practice, as a partnership or limited company, we can handle finance functions such as payroll and bookkeeping on your behalf.

Accountants for dentists

We provide accountancy services to dental practice owners, associates and locums alike.

As well as standard medical practice accounting services, as specialist dental accountants we can provide support in everything from deciding the best structure for your business to dental practice valuation.

We can also manage your VAT returns and advise on VAT exemptions, such as anything classed by HMRC as ‘prostheses’ – dentures, bridges and so on.

Accountants for opticians

We support the tax and finance needs of opticians and optometrists operating as sole practitioners, in partnerships, through limited companies or as locums.

We know that in working with opticians, accountants need to be particularly aware of the complexities of VAT.

Eye tests, or sight tests, are VAT exempt, for example, and the VAT treatment of spectacles requires an understanding of the dispensing element, which is VAT exempt, vs. the sale of frames and lenses, which are not.

Accountants for vets

Whether you specialise in providing agricultural veterinary services or working with domestic animals, our team of experienced vet accountants can give your practice the tax advice and financial support it needs to grow.

From how best to structure your veterinary business to valuations and succession planning, we’re ready to help.

Accountants for pharmacists

We’re experienced in pharmacy accounting for both businesses and for individual locum pharmacists.

For pharmacy practices, whether operating in a single location or across multiple premises, we can provide support with payroll, bookkeeping, VAT returns and corporation tax returns.

As locum pharmacist accountants, we’re able to offer tax planning, hands-on help with personal tax returns and wealth management services.

Get in touch for support with your medical accounting needs.