Accounting for professionals

Support for Professional Services

Wellway specialises in working with professionals, employing specialist knowledge in each sector to tailor our advice to the particular needs of architects, doctors, solicitors, and others.

Knowing your profession, and the particular pressures you are under, means we are able to act as informed peers, not outsiders.

We aim to cut through red tape and take care of regulatory issues, tax and compliance, so you can focus on growing your business and expanding your practice.

Some of the professional sectors we serve include:


We understand that accounting for architecture firms requires expertise in everything from tax planning to payroll and pensions management. We offer high quality services and advice, tailored to your business needs.

Law firms

Accounting for legal firms offers unique challenges, with solicitors being subject to rules set by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) in relation to the handling of clients’ money. We have years of experience in this sector.


As specialist veterinary accountants, we’re aware of the challenges vets face, whether their practices are small or large, and whether they specialise in caring for domestic animals, farming or equine cases.


Wellway has experience in working with both firms of retail optometrists and individuals in practice, and those operating as locums. We are experts in negotiating the special complexities of VAT, tax returns and cashflow management as they apply to this sector.


Whether acting as personal accountants for GPs or working with medical practices, Wellway offers bespoke tax advice and financial management services, and guidance in dealing with GP pay, HMRC and the NHS Pensions Agency.

Sports and Entertainment

Our sports and entertainment accounting services help people working in broadcasting, performance and spectator sports to manage multiple-stream incomes, maximise their wealth, and minimise tax obligations.

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