Joining our team

The most important component of any successful business is the people. Without the intelligent, friendly and hard-working professionals at Wellway Accountants, we simply could not function. That’s why we truly recognise the importance of attracting, selecting and retaining the right kind of people for the benefit of our team and our clients.

Why choose a career with Wellway?

We pride ourselves on our team and how much they care about the success of our clients and their businesses. Equally, we strive to ensure that every member of our team has a successful, rewarding and enjoyable career at Wellway themselves.


Challenge yourself

Owing to the relatively small size our of firm, team members can expect to handle multiple areas of responsibility and develop a wide range of experience, making every day exciting and challenging.


Seek new opportunities

Opportunities for team members to grow and fulfill their potential are continually explored, individually tailored, and fully supported.


Feel supported

Our induction process will aim to get you started as quickly as possible, but will ensure that you do not feel out of your depth. Each trainee is assigned a line manager who will provide additional support. Additionally, our entire team will always be happy and on hand to answer any questions you may have.

Be part of a team

At Wellway, we always encourage a strong team culture. We want our team members to work, develop, and communicate in a friendly and mutually supportive environment.



We truly recognise the importance of promoting a pleasant and healthy working environment to positively influence the mindsets, moods, and performances of our employees. We always aim to ensure:

  • Personal and shared workspaces are fully-equipped and functional for the comfort, efficiency and productivity of our employees.
  • Our team members can maintain a steady work-life balance. That’s why we’re delighted to offer flexitime so you can work in a way that suits you and your individual needs.
  • Our office contains an employee trained in mental health first-aid.

    Current Vacancies

    From time to time, roles at Wellway Accountants become available and will be advertised in this space. However, we very much welcome applications at any time from individuals who share our mission and values.

    Please contact us for further information and to see how you can grow with Wellway.