Auto enrolment services

Preparing for auto enrolment can be a complex process and there are a number of factors to consider and decisions to make.

If you are an employer who hasn’t yet begun the auto-enrolment process, you can visit The Pensions Regulator website to find out when you should be starting to prepare and how to complete the assessment etc.  They also provide a very helpful tool to help you work out your staging date, and all you need is your PAYE reference number.

Once you’ve got your staging date, you can then begin to organise and plan what you need to do for the process and the assessment.  The Pensions Regulator gives you a brief timeline of what you will need to do from now until the time of your staging date.

One thing to keep in mind would be that the sooner you begin the process the better.  Careful planning can save you significant amounts of both time and money.

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