Combined tax and financial planning

One thing that sets us apart from the rest is our expertise in combining Tax and Financial Planning for individuals who are owner/managers of SME’s. We ensure full use is made of the most appropriate tax wrappers, tax allowances, tax exemptions and tax efficient investments.

We also believe that, once all tax related matters have been optimised, the bulk of long-term investment returns come from asset allocation and that diversification using mainstream asset classes can reduce risk without destroying returns. Investment success comes from the consistent application of a robust process which ensures that returns are maximised for the level of risk which is most appropriate to your circumstances and objectives.

Our business systems ensure that whatever your sources of income, we will be able to calculate and forecast potential tax liabilities at the earliest possible time, so that we can assist you with putting in place careful planning to mitigate those liabilities  where possible.

We can also assist you with estate planning to ensure that your assets are protected and tax charges are minimised.

Because we combine the expertise of accountants and financial advisers, we are fully certified to provide advice in areas such as:

  • Pension Schemes
  • Life Assurance
  • Critical Illness Cover
  • Private medical insurance
  • Life Time Cash Flow
  • Individual savings accounts
  • Investments

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