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The Importance of Retirement Planning

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Too many people approaching retirement age are at risk of not having enough money to enjoy the retirement they want and have worked hard for. A comfortable retirement, however, is often the work of years of saving and careful planning. We believe it is never too early to start thinking about what your life after work should look like, and what preparations you need for the future you want.


How to have a successful retirement:

Secure your golden years, with our expertise.

Retirement planning can be a complex and continuously changing area, so we strongly recommend you seek skilled, professional advice at every step. Our highly experienced team can help you draw up and implement a comprehensive retirement strategy, individually tailored to you and your needs.


5 key considerations for retirement planning:


1. Your goals and ambitions

What sort of retirement would you like? How much income do you need for the standard of living that you would like? It’s really helpful to break down your potential future spending, whether that is the money to cover your basic needs (e.g. bills, food, travel) or money to enjoy yourself (e.g. eating out, leisure, holidays).

2. Exit strategies

If you are in business, the crucial thing to consider is your exit strategy. Will you withdraw from the business, leaving it for the next generation, or will you hope to sell the business and cash out? If you intend to hand the business over, do you have a workable succession plan? If you intend to sell, how will you value the business, find a suitable buyer, etc.? Are you aware of all the tax implications of the timing of disposals? It is wise to prepare your exit strategy well in advance and to be sure you optimise your tax position while you still have flexible options.

3. Pension provision

Have you made adequate pension provision, and do you have the right type of pension? Are you aware of all the pension possibilities open to business owners and directors? Are you making full use of all your allowances?

4. Savings and investments

More and more people are supplementing their pension provision with other sources of retirement income, e.g. savings products, investments, and even property acquisitions. Do you have the right balance between savings and investments, and between high and low risk exposures? The tax and financial implications of such decisions are complex and require timely and expert advice.

5. Life assurance and long-term care

Do you have adequate life assurance, and have you made provision for long-term care and medical insurance for you and your spouse in your later years. Maintain a good quality of life.


For answers to these questions, contact us today – we can provide solutions specific to your needs. Let us set a plan in place for your retirement so we can give you the peace of mind to enjoy life to the full now, and well into the future.

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