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At Wellway, we specialize in providing comprehensive accounting services specifically designed for contractors. Whether you are an IT contractor, engineer, offshore worker or consultancy service provider, our team of seasoned accountants can understand the unique financial challenges and opportunities that contractors face within their industry.

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Perhaps you’re finding it difficult to get to grips with the implications of the IR35 tax? Maybe you’re feeling daunted by the self-employed/employed debate and how you could be left open to a negative response from HMRC? Using our lengthy experience, we are able to understand how HMRC are likely to interpret the rules on tax for your particular case. We can then present your affairs in a way that ensures your business is compliant and operates in the most tax-efficient way, maximising your income and minimising your liabilities.

We understand that this area can be complex, and while there is a lot of information available to contractors – engaging with our professional advisors and personalised services can save you many hours of administration, frustration, and a considerable amount of tax. Let us put you on the right footing and ensure your affairs are always in order.

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Our Services

Tax Planning and Advice – We can guide you through the muddle of regulations imposed on your industry (i.e. IR35 tax) and help minimise compliance costs and maximise credits.

Financial Reporting and Analysis – We can help you gain valuable insights into your contracting business’s financial health with our robust reporting and analysis services. Our reports can help you make informed, strategic financial decisions.

Strategic Business Planning – We are experts at charting courses for sustainable growth, being able to identify opportunities and mitigating risks specific to contractors and their industries.We can also offer contractor-specific advice on structuring your business.

Project Cost Accounting – We can help you keep a tight grip on your financials throughout project lifecycles, ensuring the accurate tracking and allocation of costs. We are experts at managing budgets effectively to enhance your profitability.

Cashflow Management – Our experts can help you implement effective cash flow management strategies, ensuring that you have the liquidity needed to meet project demands and sustain healthy operations.

Ongoing Support and advice – Beyond numbers, we offer ongoing support and strategic advice to guide you as your business grows.

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