Accountants for construction

The construction industry is one of the most important in the UK, employing around 1.3 million people nationwide and contributing more than £100 billion to the economy.

But building is also one of the most volatile sectors. It is influenced by global economic events, trends in property investment and the appetite of governments for launching public infrastructure projects.

In that context, accounting for construction companies is as much about business planning and direct advice as provision of the usual tax services.

To stay on top in construction, you’ll need to maintain efficiency and competitiveness which is best achieved through rigorous record-keeping, budgeting and forecasting.

Of course that’s easier said than done when you’re reliant on booking contracts and projects, but it can be done with sufficient sector knowledge supported by the kind of smart systems and processes only dedicated construction industry accountants have.

Experienced accountants for construction industry businesses

With years of experience in accounting for construction contracts, with their unique challenges, we pride ourselves on having a particularly acute understanding of this sector.

We’ve addressed the specific problems faced by builders, civil engineering contractors and construction consultants time and again and have tried and tested solutions at hand.

We’ll work with your building company to optimise your performance with advice on appropriate sources of funding, cashflow planning, payroll services and more, all designed with construction in mind.

Whether it’s Construction Industry Scheme returns (CIS) or preparing for the domestic reverse VAT charge for building and construction services due in October 2020, we can guide you through the muddle of regulations imposed on the industry.

With our support, you’ll be able to minimise compliance costs and focus on building your business up, not just keeping it afloat.

The accountant building industry professionals need

Whether you are a general construction contractor, special trade contractor or building subcontractor, our experienced team can advise and assist you with:

  • Cashflow Analysis
  • Tax Planning and advice
  • Advising on building equipment acquisition, especially lease-or-buy decisions.
  • Preparing and submitting applications for finance.
  • Managing human resources, including construction-specific payroll knowledge such as submitting CIS returns, employment taxes and application of employment laws.
  • Construction bookkeeping.

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